Skills a marketing manager need to succeed

Today’s digital marketing experts must have a varied skill set, including a sophisticated grasp of available media channels. They have to possess a balance of critical and creative thinking skills in order to drive measurable accomplishment for their organization.

Here are some important skills that you need to make yourself a digital marketing expert:

Sales skills – People who have sold effectively are much better marketers. They know how to connect with people and turn them into sales opportunities. While your digital marketers may not be closing deals directly, they have to know how to sell without producing qualified lead opportunities for your sales team.

The ability to think objectively – Marketers are generally one of the most passionate workers in the office. A marketer who can separate themselves from their work will explore with a target eye that can concentrate on what actually works — not just what they hoped would work.

A likable personality – Relationship building is such a huge component of digital marketing, and a likable personality can go far. Someone with a great personality will always stand out and command attention. Having a likable personality of digital marketing expert plays such a huge role.

Basic design skills – Being able to convey a message properly is extremely important. A large part of digital marketing is about visual appearance. People who call themselves a digital marketer should have at least some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS or Photoshop.

Content and Creative Excellence: This is the most important skill required to become a self-made digital marketer as this skill will immensely help you attract audience base on the internet. Content can be of any format, either you can be a visual genius, you can create some magical pictures and videos on the internet, or you can be a subject matter expert and create some fabulous blog posts! You need to teach, guide your customers and provide so much of information that they come back to your website again and again!

Word Press Management Skills: You need to be a professional expert in WordPress Management! Yes, it requires some technical knowledge. But there are ample of study materials on Google that can help you become a WordPress pro. It takes hardly 10-15 minutes to register a domain and establish a WordPress blog and about 40 to 60 minutes to customize your WordPress blog with free themes available on the Internet.

Passion: Without passion, you cannot really enjoy your work. If you are not enjoying your work you cannot update yourself. Since digital marketing is an industry which changes dramatically you need to be self-updated else you will be out of the field.


Hard work: You should work hard not physically but mentally. Always think about new ideas and strategies. Read everything that will help you in this area. This is not necessary unless you want to build your own signature in the industry.

Divergency: You should be capable of thinking differently. You may have to think about a specific subject in two different ways to get the best result. And never follow the same method of working because it might not work out always.

Creativity: Given the overload of information on digital media, marketers need to be creative enough to ensure that their campaigns stand out from the competition. Fortunately, one can acquire creativity skills through practice.

Analytical skills: One of the key advantages of digital marketing is the amount of real-time data available to measure the progress of any campaign. If you want to leverage this data to optimize a campaign for success, you should have

Quick learner: Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields. How quickly you can adapt to the changes in the digital medium will determine how well you can conceptualize and execute digital marketing campaigns.

Multitasker: There are multiple views about multitasking. One set of people is a proponent of multitasking in today’s interconnected world while others oppose multitasking as it comes in the way of one’s productivity. Given the real-time nat

Attribution is one of the most advanced topics in digital marketing.

A good email marketing manager wants to know the exact payoff of each tactic they use. When you know how your marketing efforts covert, you are better informed to develop further strategy and allocate budget.

Although email marketing is highly trackable, email attribution is not a straight line. For many companies, a linear A-to-B-to-C email interaction is increasingly rare.

Today, consumer behavior looks more like this:

Someone hears an ad in a podcast and then googles the company. They are not ready to buy yet, but they sign up for the newsletter. At some point in the future, they receive an email from the company and forward it to a colleague who is interested in the product. The colleague is then walking down the street and sees the product in a window. She remembers the email and goes to the shop to purchase.

It’s hard to attribute this conversion to any particular event, and the truth is that this will only get messier in the future. However, email marketers need to keep attribution in mind to continue making the right decisions when they analyze reports and develop strategies.

And the final thing is that patience. It makes take several days to months to get the result of your work. Even if there is no result for your work to analyze yourself, find the error and rectify it. In this way, only you can be an expert in digital marketing.