Conference Room Booking Management

WOW IT Solutions's Conference Room Booking System let you book, amend and cancel meeting room bookings anywhere, anytime.


Conference Room Booking Management is a web based booking system package that makes it easy for you to manage conference rooms. Every business needs an effective web presence, whether purely virtual or a brick-and-mortar store. WOW IT Solutions has successfully helped design and implement Web Solutions and Developed Web Applications for Indian and Overseas Clients.

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Product Highlights

WOW IT Solutions is a contemporary Website Design and Development company with a focus on user centric design while helping our clients achieve the desired result.

Real Time Saver:

With WOW IT Solutions's Conference Room Booking System, you can schedule a meeting in the room of your choice right from your home screen. Our System offers at a glance availability for a day, week or month. This way, you will always know if the room you need is available at the time and date you want.

Understand the Space You Need:

WOW IT Solutions's Conference Room Booking System's detailed reporting on how space is used lets you decide what meeting room space you need - and what you don't helping you cut overhead costs.

Book a Meeting, Anywhere, Anytime:

The WOW IT Solutions's Conference Room Booking System let you book, amend and cancel meeting room bookings anywhere, anytime - the easiest way to increase your meeting room usage.

Conference Room Booking System; Manage Devices Easily and Efficiently:

Digital displays that can only be controlled from the device itself are counterproductive. With our conference room displays, which you can manage from a web-based dashboard, you won't have to go from device to device (or floor to floor) to make adjustments.

Product Features

Add accept or not accept appointment to website

Employee list is need to be add a feature regarding accept or not accept appointment for the particular visitors to particular employee who came to meet.


Employee should get a mail or message for visitor's detail

Our Employee should get a mail or message so they can view the visitor's details and can send the response back to security through the notification module.

Need a comment box regarding appointment

There is always need a comment box for the employee regarding appointment, if they are able to meet them right now please send them in our cabin, If they are not able to meet them right now there give a comment. Comment should be in dropdown:

  1. I am busy we can meet after half an hour.
  2. I am busy will meet tomorrow.
  3. Employee is absent.
  4. I don't want to meet them because he is not related visitor for our company.

Knowledge Base

Can I buy this application ?

Yes, you can buy this application indivisually.

Can we manage this application independently?

Yes, you can. All of this application can be maintained with rudimentary technical knowledge and skills.

Pricing and Purchasing Options
  • Annual fee
  • Customised licence for unlimited users
  • No limit of visitors
  • Free maintenance
Can we customize the application?

WOW IT Solutions's Conference Room Bookinng Management System is a feature rich product that is highly customizable. Our experts will customized application as on your demand before deployee.

Live Demo

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Preview the front-end layout offered for our Conference Room Booking Management

Administration page

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Default Login Details

Email :
Password : 123456


You can book Conference Room Booking Management either with a Basic Version or with an Extended Version. Want to request a custom modification? Please contact us and describe what needs to be changed.

  • Free Updates

  • Copyright removal

  • Custom modifications

  • SMS & Email Notification

  • Price

  • Annual Licence
    You can renew your licence annually

  • Custom Modifications
    You can get our custom modification service!

  • Remote Hosting
    Save yourself the hassle - let us host our Application in the our server!

  • Free Installation
    We can install our Application for you upon request. Just ping us!


Great Job done... Really proud of you and your attitude towards achieving great succes in near future. All the best, you always give reason to me for appreciations.

- Mudit

I was completely impressed with first look of their own website, really an amazing theme and what they bring for my business is really a creative job, i must say they have great designers.

- Nishan Bhardwaj

This is a great group of dedicated professionals who will work day in and day out to get what you want. They are a laborious team, a team which does not get tired of listening to you. They will make sure that your website resonates with what you are and what you want. Hats off!

- Siddharth Kapur

Wow IT is exceptional at understanding customer issues. I have been working with them for quite sometime and have recently awarded them with 5 new projects. Their commitment is unquestionable. Above all, they are highly flexible and understand the ethics to be practiced for brand building. I recommend WOW-IT to everyone who needs the right advise when it comes to IT and digital marketing solutions.

- Sudarshan R Chetlur