Visitors Tracking Management System

Visitor Management helps to track the visitor to your organization and communicate with concerned employees.

Whether you're running a huge corporate company or a small office, you will have to deal with visitors on a daily basis. For safety sakes, you should keep track of all those who visit your premises. Do away with the old technique of manually entering all the visitor's details by automating the entire process. WOW IT Solutions's Visitor tracking & Management system offers an efficient and effective solution to manage visitors in your facility.
Visitors Tracking Management System
Visitors Tracking Management System
Visitors Tracking Management System
Visitors Tracking Management System
Visitors Tracking Management System

Product Highlights

WOW IT Solutions's Visitor tracking & Management system offers an efficient and effective solution to manage visitors in your facility.

Easy & Fast notification of employee and reception of visitors:

With WOW IT Solutions’s Visitors Management System, you never have to keep your visitors waiting. The moment visitor checks-in, our visitor management software sends a notification to the host along with visitor’s photo, making it easy for the host to identify the visitor. In case a visitor is exceeding the stipulated time limit, an automated overstay alert is also triggered to the host.

Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data

Know your visitor trends with the help of WOW IT Solutions’s Visitors Management System multi-dimensional reports. Get a centralized view of who is visiting your premises, why and how often a visitor is visiting. You can also export you reports to Excel / PDF files and store offline.

Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in

WOW IT Solutions’s Visitors Management System captures and stores your visitor data on our secure servers. Our visitor management software makes the registration of any repeat visitor very simple. Any repeat visitor can register by simply entering their contact number. You can also store and maintain a host address book from where you can quickly choose whom the visitor is meeting.

Capture accurate in & out time automatically, Streamlined Security

With WOW IT Solutions’s Visitors Management System, now enhance both digital and physical security at your premises. Our visitor management system records all the visitor details and lets you know who is on you premises, what is the purpose of their visit, how often do they visit and many more details. With features like digital photo capture, ID details capture, watch-list to keep track of unwarranted visitors and overstay alerts, you can ensure security on your premises without any exception!

Product Features

Add accept or not accept appointment to website

Employee list is need to be add a feature regarding accept or not accept appointment for the particular visitors to particular employee who came to meet.


Employee should get a mail or message for visitor's detail

Our Employee should get a mail or message so they can view the visitor’s details and can send the response back to security through the notification module.

Need a comment box regarding appointment

There is always need a comment box for the employee regarding appointment, if they are able to meet them right now please send them in our cabin, If they are not able to meet them right now there give a comment. Comment should be in dropdown:

  1. I am busy we can meet after half an hour.
  2. I am busy will meet tomorrow.
  3. Employee is absent.
  4. I don't want to meet them because he is not related visitor for our company.


Live Demo

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Preview the front-end layout offered for our Visitor tracking & Management

Administration page

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Default Login Details

Email :
Password : 123456

Knowledge Base

What is a Visitor Tracking & Management System?

A Visitor Tracking & Management System helps manage the flow of visitors into a company. Visitor identification, such as a photo ID or business card can also be scanned and checked against a watch list to increase security.
Once the system clears a person for entry, they can print a customized visitor badge/slip that will allow them access to any area the company determines.
The system can also notify an employee that their guest has arrived.

What hardware & software required?
  • Computer: A receptionist can greet visitors and use a VMS to check them in.
  • Printer: Guests can be identified visually with customized badge/slip printed on a specialized printer located either behind the reception desk or next to a self-service.
  • ID cards and keytags: For frequent visitors, companies may decide to issue permanent plastic ID cards or keytags, which are small plastic tags security can enter card number in visitor record.
Pricing and Purchasing Options
  • Annual fee
  • Customised licence for unlimited users
  • No limit of visitors
  • Free maintenance
Can we customize the application?

WOW IT Solutions's Conference Room Bookinng Management System is a feature rich product that is highly customizable. Our experts will customized application as on your demand before deployee.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

A variety of industries may use a VMS to increase security and efficiency in their facilities, such as:

  • K-12 education
  • University campus
  • Corporate and government


You can book Conference Room Booking Management either with a Basic Version or with an Extended Version. Want to request a custom modification? Please contact us and describe what needs to be changed.

  • Free Updates

  • Copyright removal

  • Custom modifications

  • SMS & Email Notification

  • Price

  • Annual Licence
    You can renew your licence annually

  • Custom Modifications
    You can get our custom modification service!

  • Remote Hosting
    Save yourself the hassle - let us host our Application in the our server!

  • Free Installation
    We can install our Application for you upon request. Just ping us!


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